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Chinese course accepted answers

Does anyone update the chinese course? I’ve reported dozens of "wrong" answers in the past month that should be accepted and so far none of them have been added to the list of accepted answers. The most irritating is the arbitrary and incoherent distinction between 想 and 要. Sometimes only 想 is accepted as ’want’, sometimes only ’要’. Similarly sometimes only 要 is accepted as ’would like’. Here and there only longer forms 想要 and 需要 are accepted.

Please add more possible solutions to the answers list.

July 9, 2018



Honestly speaking, I don’t quite like the Chinese course. It has translation flaws too. I’m on it because I want to see How it works as well as hoping that they will have some kind of introduction to advanced level Chinese. The standard isn’t high at all on Duolingo


Yes, please. It's really frustrating. And not only in Chinese.

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You're right. It is becoming more and more frustating


I'm glad it's not just me who's been suffering from this.


dang you got 8 lingots by just saying 2 letters

[deactivated user]

    I haven't reported anything in a while, but I did get a notification on 6/28 that a report I made was accepted and now a valid translation. They are working through the reports, a few months ago I got several emails every day at one point about reports I made getting accepted.


    There are subtle differences between these. Xiang is a softer more polite form than yao.


    Indeed, which is why in many translations where subtleness cannot be properly conveyed, both should be accepted.


    Ya sometimes when I get my answer right, they mark it wrong because of my 'grammer'

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