"My grandfather is at the bank with my father."

Translation:Mi abuelo está en el banco con mi padre.

4 months ago



Papa should be accepted

3 months ago


at vs in seems to be troublesome! "at the bank" can mean "at the door of the bank" or "inside the bank" but "in the bank" means inside the building not at the door! I hadn't realized how imprecise at/in can be. Study a foreign language and learn about your own language!!

1 month ago


Why isn't "Mi abuelo está al banco con mi papá" accepted? At the bank vs. in the bank. They mean slightly different things, and "at the" is "al".

4 months ago

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'Al banco' means 'to the bank'. An example is: Mi abuelo va al banco con mi papá. - My grandfather goes to the bank with my dad.

4 months ago
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