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"This boy is always responsible at school."

Translation:Este niño siempre es responsable en la escuela.

2 months ago



What is the rule for 'siempre' preceeding the verb?

2 months ago

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It would be handy if the correct words were in the answer Duolingo

2 months ago


Why not "Este nino es siempre responsable en la escuela"? That is good English, but I was marked wrong.

1 month ago


that is not good english, that is good spanish. your sentence is similar to the correct resolution except niño and the position of siempre. DL is not very picky on the accents, so that I guess it is because of the position of siempre. siempre, también etc, traditionally go before the verb. again, I am just a rookie in spanish, do not take my word for it.

1 month ago