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"You always come back home late."

Translation:Tú siempre vuelves a casa tarde.

1 month ago



I do not understand why "siempre tu vuelves a casa tarde" is wrong. The placement of siempre before or after tu does not matter

1 month ago


I would report that. It seems like Duo just simply wasn't looking for that specific answer, even though it's okay to say that. Sometimes Duolingo is a 'guess what I'm thinking' game that way.

3 weeks ago

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Why is it Siempre se regresan a casa tarde ? Isn't that for plural?

I wrote Siempre se regresas a casa tarde. And it wasn't accepted. Sould I report it? Or is it the "se" that's out of place here?

2 weeks ago

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Often when duolingo is trying to correct you and point out what you did wrong, it doesn't understand what you were trying to say. Since the vocabulary word this lesson is teaching is "volver," it is possible that duolingo marked it wrong because you used a different verb. It just didn't know how to tell you that.

If you believe your answer is correct, always report it. It only changes the algorithm once a moderator approves the change.

1 week ago