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  5. "Ich lese ein Menü."

"Ich lese ein Menü."

Translation:I am reading a menu.

March 27, 2013



I wouldn't say Menü.... Eine Karte...oder Speisekarte would be more correct in my opinion. A Menü in German is the Special of the day...


I agree was born in germany and thats what people usually say


It tells me I got it wrong cause I did not put"I'm reading ONE menu" really? Who says one menu? Improper English


For example, "I'm reading one menu; she's reading the other one.”.


Just remember there no such thing as a direct translation; there's usually a nuance that you can expect to be missing.


I agree, I've fallen for this twice now. In English it would be 'the menu' or 'a menu'. At a stretch it could be argued that you can say 'I am reading one of the menus' but I think that's unlikely. As unlikely as the translation the program gives.


Just had it for a third time and used 'one menu' & it said that 'a menu' is also correct. I'm starting to feel I should go back to books.


One cannot use Menü---it is what is called Prix Fixe, the french word that English speakers use for a special set meal that usually includes soup or salad, a main entree, and sometimes a dessert for a set price. Better> die Speisekarte. At fast food places, Menü can be used for the pizza, salad, drink combo, etc.


Pronunciation of lese. "lay-se" or "lee-se"? I'm sure I've heard it both ways, so often get confused. Here the lady says "lee-se", so I incorrectly spelt it "liese", even though I do know it is spelled "Ich lese" but the pronunciation keeps throwing me off. Are both ways correct, does it vary depending on the speaker?


German "E" makes a sound like English long "A", except that in English it's a vowel glide ("ay-ee") and in German the sound is pure without the glide into the "ee" sound. The variant sound sounds just like English short "E". English long "E" is always wrong. The S in "lesen" should also make an "z" sound. The "e" in the final "-en" is a schwa, which is an unstressed "uh" sound.

If by "the lady" you mean "the computer synthesized text-to-speech used on Duolingo", she's using the "ay" sound but it does sound very much like "ee". Keep practicing lesen, ich lese, du liest, er liesst, sie lesen, and you'll be a natural in no time. :)


This is a false friend. It's a combination of items sold together. It's like ordering a #1 (combo meal) at a fast food place rather than a menu of available items.


They're not false friends. False friends are words that have different etymologies but similar spelling—despite the difference in meaning, both words come from French menu.


No one would say "I'm reading one menu" in English. It would be "a menu."

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