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हिंदी कुंजीपटल डाउनलोड करने के लिए कुछ स्रोत / Some resources for Hindi keyboards

ग़ौर कीजिए कि हिंदी लिखते समय केवल देवनागरी लिपि ही मान्य है। हिंदी शब्दों को अंग्रेज़ी लिपि में लिखना मान्य नहीं है। अगर आपके मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर पर हिंदी कुंजीपटल उपलब्ध नहीं है, तो यह परिचर्चा आपकी मदद कर सकती है।


(इस टिप्पणी के लिए jitengore और pp65 को धन्यवाद) 

  • कुंजीपटल के लिए हिंदी चिप्पियाँ - आप Amazon.com पर सस्ते में हिंदी चिप्पियों को ख़रीद सकते हैं। यह आपको और भी तेज़ी से टाइप करने में मदद करेगी।  यहाँ ख़रीदें।

(_gs9 को धन्यवाद) 

(snorcack को धन्यवाद)

  • माइक्रोसाॅफ्ट कुंजीपटल लेआउट निर्माता (MSKLC) - अपने कुंजीपटल के लिए, आप इसका इस्तेमाल कर अपने ख़ुद के लेआउट डिज़ाइन कर सकते हैं। दूसरे शब्दों में, आप अपनी सुविधा के अनुसार अपने कुंजीपटल के अक्षरों को उलटफेर कर और भी तेज़ी से टाइप कर पाएँगे।  और जानकारी। 

(M132T003C को धन्यवाद) 


  • On the PC - Google Hindi input. With only two keyboards enabled (English and Hindi) switching becomes easier using Alt+Shift. There is a learning curve in this transliteration based input too, but after some time it becomes second nature, though not as fast as typing in English.

  • On Android - 1. Google Hindi Input 2. MultiLing keyboard

  • On iOS - You can use the inbuilt Apple keyboard. The layout is quite logical and auto correct speeds up things. More details.

(Thanks to jitengore and pp65 for this comment) 

  • Hindi keyboard stickers - You can get Hindi keyboard stickers for pretty cheap on Amazon which could make your typing a lot quicker. For the link, click here.

(Thanks to _gs9)

(Thanks to snorcack)

  • The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) - You can use it to build your own layout, which can be as simple as rearranging a default layout so that the characters are where you expect them to be. More information.

(Thanks to M132T003C)

स्रोत : यह परिचर्चा

April 29, 2014

58 टिप्पणियाँ


(Hindi comment shifted to the main body)


Can someone please make a hindi course for english speakers? It doesn't look like one is being made by duolingo at the moment, but I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can do that please. Thanks.


Yes, that is going to come very soon :)


Maybe the first module can be teaching how to read the alphabet


Our course is going to graduate from beta on the 26th of January. Some time after that we should start working on the reverse course. As of yet our team has not discussed anything about the reverse course (including the alphabet). Unfortunately, Duolingo doesn't have a special way of teaching non-Roman characters at present, but if they do implement a method of doing so, we'll be more than glad to use it.


Are you looking for contributors for the Hindi for English speakers course?


when he says soon he means over 9000 years


I like चिप्पियों! Also, keyboard is called कुंजीपटल. The Android resources originally came from pp65. Also, please consider making the links on the Hindi comment clickable. Or perhaps make the parent post bilingual?

I agree there are little two many comments about inability to type Hindi in Devanagari and that too at wrong places. But in a way it is very encouraging to see that so many learners are so eager to learn how to type in Hindi in "Hindi" :)

Thanks for putting this together!


Yup, that's on construction. I've just got an errand to complete before I can work on it. And thanks for कुंजीपटल. :) I've given credit to pp65 too now. And I agree, it's really nice to see the amount of people interested. :)


Nobody writes कुंजीपटल, it is a silly and pretentious word. एकदम फालतू दिखावटी शब्द है जो किसी को समझ नहींं आएगा। कुंजीपटल has 181k hits on Google, while कीबोर्ड has 979k.


I use Baraha software to type in Hindi. It costs some money but it's a phonetic keyboard and you only pay once for it. I basically only need to know the English keyboard to type in Hindi!


Hi, You don't need to spend Money ! Google has it's own phonetic keyboard and it's absolutely 'Free' check out these links.

For Windows : https://www.google.co.in/inputtools/windows/

For Chrome(you can use this if you have some other OS like Mac or Linux ) : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mclkkofklkfljcocdinagocijmpgbhab

here's a short video on how to use it on Android: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ig2_2Cfn6oA

Link to download :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.inputmethod.hindihl=en


I think Google revoked the version for Windows. Now, Input tools can only be used as a chrome extension.


Thank you LeMaitre for compiling this together in an easy to read way! I will refer people to here from now on :) It is getting a bit repetitive with so many people asking how to type in Hindi, but I suppose if they do not know its up to us to help them.

Have a few lingots!


Thanks to you too, _gs9! The shouts/requests for help are getting repetitive but at the same time, it is really nice to see the tremendous interest to learn the tool (Duolingo) and in doing so also learn how to type Hindi in Devanagari! These are probably teething issues and will reduce once the Hindi community understands Duolingo better.

If I can make a tongue-in-cheek comment, it is humorous to see a white man (गोरा आदमी - that all can see from your profile picture) like you teaching 'native' Hindi speakers how to type Hindi. It highlights the benefits of a globalized world and also displays the high level of proficiency you have achieved in your foreign language based on your wonderful explanations to the learners' queries at so many places on this forum :)

Edit: Serious learners will quite benefit by following your profile!


Yes absolutely, it's great people are coming to Duo!

Haha no you are completely right, something does seem a bit odd with a white man who's never even been to India showing natives how to type! The way I see it is that if I'm helping them then of course it's good for everyone regardless of who I am or where I'm from. And hey I promise that I'm not trying to bring back the Raj or anything!

Thank you for all the great words. I hope I can use my knowledge of both languages to help many people :) बहुत धन्यवाद :)


LOL. The world has grown a lot over the years and the days of Imperialism are gone! So 'that' 'Raj' is not coming back :) But I can well see that _gs9 will 'raj' on this forum helping millions of Hindi-English course learners across the globe.

आप अपने उच्च स्तर के द्विभाषी ज्ञान के साथ इस चौपाल पर बेशक राज करेंगे :)

And what you have said is so true. Internet continues to be a great human equalizer across age, gender, race, monetary wealth and so on. To participate on such forums, one only needs to know the language and thanks to Duolingo one can learn several of them free right here!


Millions is definitely a very high number, but helping one at a time is good enough for me :) Haha!

Of course none of this would be possible were it not for your incredible effort in creating the course in the first place :)


Million mark is not that far :) The Chinese course is nearing that mark in just three weeks in beta. The Hindi course is nearing 50,000 users!


Can't agree with you more. :)


You are far too kind, thank you :)


MSKLC always seems to be missing from these topics, and I still think it’s the best solution for PC, you can use it to build your own layout, which can be as simple as rearranging a default layout so that the characters are where you expect them to be.


It will be great if you could post an image of the custom keyboard layout if you use one.


Okay, this is my current Hindi layout, it’s the newest and least refined of the 3 custom layouts I’ve made (the other two are Cyrillic and a highly inclusive Latin layout) and I may still change some of it at some point. I took the standard Hindi layout and rearranged it so that most of the Hindi letters that have obvious equivalents in the Latin alphabet are where I would expect them to be on a standard QWERTY keyboard (for the rest I just have to learn their locations, but this is much easier than it would be to learn where all of the characters are on the standard layout). Hindi keyboard layout (normal state) With shift: Hindi keyboard layout (Shift state) With AltGr: Hindi keyboard layout (AltGr state) With shift and AltGr: Hindi keyboard layout (Shift AltGr state)


Thanks (and दो मणि) for sharing, this will be useful for many learners.

The way you change keyboard between say English and Hindi - is that using the Alt-Shift shortcut?


Yes, I use Alt+Shift to switch between the various keyboard layouts I have active (10 layouts, each in a different alphabet). Alt + Left Shift and Alt + Right Shift move in opposite directions through the list, and that is the default system if I recall correctly, it works well enough.


Thanks! That looks very interesting. I'll try out when I use my laptop. I've added this tip to my discussion. :)


how can i type hu with center dot


ह लिखें, ऊ की मात्रा लगाएँ और फिर ँ लगाएँ। यदि आप गूगल हिंदी इनपुट का उपयोग करते हैं, तब "hun" लिखें, गूगल हिंदी इनपुट इसे हूँ में परिवर्तित करेगा।


i want to ask one question everytime i play second chapter of basic lesson the step of to hearing and typing of sounded letter this time i wanna to skip this step but every time i did that and my heart was gone. can anyone tell me who i can my heart's.??????????????????????????????????????????????


Unfortunately, you will lose heart every time you skip a question. The idea is to learn, so consider not to skip. If you have difficulty in typing Hindi in Devanagari, then please refer to this discussion for help.


i got the solution.


Windows has built-in support for the INSCRIPT keyboard layout, which has a bit of learning curve but is beautifully logical once you get used to it.

Somewhat dated but still useful instructions here: http://indiatyping.com/index.php/typing-tips/devnagari-hindi-inscript-keyboard

Interactive keyboard map for learning the system: https://www.branah.com/devanagariinscript

The Wikipedia entry, if anyone's really interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InScript_keyboard


LeMaitre, the link you have provided for Google Hindi Input for Android does not seem to be working. Try http://goo.gl/MSdk98 instead.


Thanks pp65! I've replaced the links, I think they should work now. :)


You can try SWIFT KEY - on Android.


आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद


thanks धन्यवाद




Why are the links not becoming clickable?


What does work - You could write "(Information) - [Click Here](Link URL)" An example, if you didn't understand: "Hindi keyboard stickers which could make your typing a lot quicker - Click Here"


Thanks Adam and lingots/मणि to you too! These may have been the same ones that came from your vault recently :)


Thanks a lot Adam, I implemented your idea.


For some reason you cannot do markdowns and plain http links in the same post/comments. I suggest using just one of them on your original post and make it work and then delete your comment where you copied the same text for trying perhaps.


Thanks jitengore, I implemented adamyoung97's idea. Did you mean I should delete my Hindi comment?


No I didn't mean that. I thought you were trying things out. It looks great now. Thanks for you and also to Adam :)


We can also use Google Handwriting input, it can type Hindi and English with great accuracy. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.handwriting.ime


Good point! Google handwriting input for hindi seems to have come along pretty well then.


how do i change hindi to english


Hello, I know that a hindi course is being made, but I really want to try to talk to some native speakers maybe try to make some pen pal friends. Anyone interested I am fluent in English, have some background in spanish, gujurati, hindi, and am curious about some of the other beautiful languages on here.


I can talk in hind.


Hindi sab se acha he.


Sahi baat hai. Baat karne main bhi aasani hoti hai Bhaartiyon ko. Vaise bhi, hum jis bhi bhaasha bolne waale ghar mein paida hote hain, humain vahi bhaasha sabh se acchi aur aasaan lagti hai bolne mein. (Correct. Indians also feel comfortable while using it. And also, in whichever language speaking home we take birth in, is the easiest and most comfortable in speaking in.


we are happy about this learning


Really proud to be an Indian and really happy to see that people from all over the world want to learn this sacred language! Proud to be an Indian! Saare Jahaan Se Accha, Hindusitan Hamaara Hamaara!!! (Better than the whole world is my country India:)) Tip: You can also use first this Hinglish Way which i have used. it makes it easier to then remember the sounds (for most of the cases). Like, when I am in My school in the Hindi class, I write the teacher's dictated words at the back of my notebook really fast in Hinglish, and then fair it out in the notebook in Devanagari. It makes my work a lot easier. Also, Hinglish is used in many social apps like Whatsapp. Even the messages I receive from my telephone operator are in Hinglish. If you want to buy a Hindi teaching book, you can see it online and also buy it on Amazon. This site will surely help you: http://www.lingvozone.com/Hindi (in some devices, the hyperlink will not be shown. if that is the case, you can simply copy the site from here and paste it on Google Search) It shows the Hindi alphabets and how to pronounce them. Hope I was a little bit of help to you!


hello hi anybody here for talk to me

केवल दिन के 5 मिनट में अंग्रेज़ी सीखें। मुफ़्त में।