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  5. "Are those animals yours?"

"Are those animals yours?"

Translation:Jsou ta zvířata tvá?

July 10, 2018



I do not understand the difference between tvá and tvoje. Why use one instead of the other?


Both means the same. "Tvá" is slightly more formal.


Why is "Jsou ta tvá zvířata?" incorrect?


You would need to use the "to je/je to/to jsou/jsou to" pattern. "Jsou to tvá zvířata?"- literally "Are those your animals?"

It is not accepted thogh, we consider these too forms distinct in all exercises.


I see "jsou tva ta zvirata" is not accepted as an answer, but I don't understand why. As far as I know, the demonstrative pronoun (ten, ta...) does not fall under the rule of the "second place in the statement". Other than this, it's just a subjective matter, depending on what the person wants to accent: "are those animals YOURS?" or "are THOSE ANIMALS yours?". Lacking hints on that, shouldn't "jsou tva ta zvirata" be accepted?


Depending on the intonation it could have two meanings. With the normal intonation, it is:

Is the thing that is yours here these animals?

With a very unusual intonation (very strongly stressing TVÁ) you could probably make it:

Are those animals yours?

but it is a very marginal possibility.

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