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  5. "I have not seen it yet."

"I have not seen it yet."

Translation:Ještě jsem to neviděla.

July 10, 2018



Why is "neviděl" not right? I thought "neviděla" is used if the subject (here I) is female. Or did I misunderstand something?



It is accepted.

Was it a listening exercise? There are some issues with those...


No, it was a writing exercise, English to Czech. And because I am male , I automatically use the male form.


I carefully checked all accepted sentences and all of them accept all three genders. You really have to report what exactly you tried otherwise we can't help you. Asking a reporting single isolated word from the whole sentence is rarely useful. Often the problem is somewhere else.


Well, I wrote "Ještě jsem to neviděl." But in my question I left out all words that matched with the correct answer. From now on I will give my complete answers.


That is supposed to be accepted. There can be some bug in Duolingo though.


why is my answer wrong? neviděla jsem to už


You need ještě, not už, in a negative sentence. Also, placing it final is not natural.


thank you, I was wondering what the difference is between ještě and už. So in future if it is negative I will use ještě otherwise už


"Nevidel jsem jeste to" was not accepted. I know 'jsem' needs to be in the second position, but maybe 'jeste' needs to be before the verb?

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