"No sabemos dónde está el banco."

Translation:We don't know where the bank is.

5 months ago



Is there a "rule" indicating that a tense of the verb "estar" is to be used with Donde (where) as a verb tense of "ser" is to be used with Cuando(when)?? I used "esta" with Cuando & was told to use "Es"; and now here is the banco sentence using "donde esta". (please excuse the lack of accents.)

3 months ago


Because time is a constant, "cuándo" is used because "when" is always definite. Location is changeable, and that's why "estar" is used with "dónde."

2 months ago


Gracias. You gave me a good answer that is consistent with the rules that I have so far in the use of "estar" or "ser". So the handling of this aspect should be much easier going forward. Can't give you a "Bud Light"; please accept the Lingot instead (I hope that you have been chuckling at the latest parade of TV commercials.)

2 months ago
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