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Friend Requests

It says I have only 2 friend request left, when I use them will I get more?

July 7, 2012



Thanks gigbrinus and gumbee! So basically If someone accepts, I get my request back?


Unless this has changed recently, for each of your invitations which is accepted and used to sign up for a new account, you will receive two more invitations.


Some of my friends have a bit of trouble with computers, so I kind of need to send them an invitation. Anyway, thanks guys! Adios


How do you do this because i have no idea


You don't really need them because anyone can sign up on their own now.


Another good point Gumbee :)


@ Aggy, I guess what I'm saying is that you don't need to use them at all. Just tell all your friends about Duolingo, give them the website and they can sign up on their own without an invitation.


Invitations only help in that you don't need to take the added step of searching for and 'following' your friends. If your friends sign up through an invitation you send them you both automatically follow one another. And yes, if a new account is created through your invitation, you'll receive 2 more invitations.

Good luck, and keep learning!


and i will add you @AgiRunaMariana


I have received a friend request. Where are the instructions/ where is the advice on how to respond/make contact with that person?

Is there any kind of "how to" section on duolingo?

[deactivated user]

    how to view friend requests tho

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