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"'IDnar pIn'a'pu' tInuQQo'! nom QeHchoH chaH."

Translation:Do not annoy wizards! They become angry quickly.

July 10, 2018



'IDnar pIn'a' malja' yInISQo', 'ongmo' chaH 'ej nom QeHchoHmo'.

I'd do the dragon one too, but I have no idea how to say be crunchy in Klingon.


fwiw I originally suggested the complete wizard version, but apart from not adding a -mo' to the getting angry bit, mizinamo had to work with the available vocabulary. I do not believe {nIS} or {'ong} are in there.

And bar cobbling something together, I don't know if we have "dragon" either.


I'm not suggesting a sentence for the course, just translating a quotation for fun.

Dragon is obviously ghargh'a'. Some people would vote for lung'a', but all right-thinking people know that REAL dragons are far more snake-like than lizard-like, unlike the usual ridiculous depiction in fantasy role-playing games, where they're fire-breathing, winged dinosaurs. ;)


Thanks for clarifying. I was also explaining, for the peeps who see your translation and wonder why different words were used in the course sentence.

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