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"Quj wIyajchu' 'ej Quj wIQujrupchu'."

Translation:We understand the game perfectly and we are perfectly ready to play the game.

July 10, 2018



This claims the correct translation of wIQujrupchu' is perfectly ready to play, whereas ready to play perfectly is marked wrong. Both should be allowed.


Very true. Looking at the accepted answers, it looks like all the permutations I can think of are allowed, but let us know if you find one that isn't.

Unfortunately, as for the tooltips, they are limited to 25 characters and we can't decide what order they are in (it appears to be alphabetical), so I'm not sure how to phrase this best. For now, I've split it into three parts:

  • wIQuj = we play it

  • -rup = ready, prepared

  • -chu' = perfectly, fully


I didn't mean tooltips. I mean I entered ready to play perfectly, got a red screen saying it was wrong, and the "corrected" version had perfectly ready to play. The rest of my sentence was identical with the accepted one.


Ah, I see. I think I see the issue; the accepted answers required writing "the game" twice, as in the source sentence. I've changed this so that it also accepted "play it" or just "play" for the second reference.

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