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"Das Leder"

Translation:The leather

March 27, 2013



Not possible to understand for native speaker


I thought it said 'lila' at first.. not the best pronunciation.


Really? I think it's alright - apart from her tendency to overdo the -er endings. Those aren't really pronounced with such an open a.


Are you two native German speakers? Because I am and like Mawo80 I couldn't understand this word. It sounded like "Lida" which is definitely not fine. In some dialects you can pronounce the "er"-ending as "a" but you can never pronounce the first "e" as "i".


It was definitely pronounced wrong. Though I'm not a native German speaker, I have taken three years of German in school, and I know that it isn't supposed to sound like "Lieder."


The first "e" always sounds like "i". I think that is wrong. Or not?


for me it doesn't sound right either, it sounds something like leda or so


er is pronounced like an a.


Das klingt jedenfalls nicht wie "Leder", sondern wie "Lieber" oder so was.


Before this I was asked to translate "das Holz". There was no "the" so I just chose "lumber". But when I did the same here I was marked wrong and told that I need the "the". How is that right?


If you want to say just leather it would be Leder without the das

das Leder ist braun = the leather is brown


Leder ist braun = leather is brown


Yes, that makes sense, but why was it then ok not to use "the" when translating "Das Holz"?


Yes, I too have made a comment just now on being given an incorrect result for not putting in the definite article for translation of the german into English. I have also noted in the app that I don't need to put in the definite article but the online platform marks incorrect any translation without the definite article also included in front of the noun.


The woman definitely doesn't pronounce it right, but the man does!


Did i just hear das lida


I have heard this word often enough in German street markets, in midlands anyway, it sounded like 'layder' as in 'jeder Leder zwanzig Euro' ( they were belts for holding pants up) but where I fail is in answering 'Das Silber' as 'silver' and Das Leder as 'leather'. I should have written 'that leather'. ( I know I am cluttering but having read all below, I am still in the dark so zu sagen)


Is this the same vocabulary used for the word "lederhosen"? Thanks.


It wasn't what ithought i. Because i observed the assessment before starting iseen the words otherwise it would have been deceiving


Duo seems to be very inconsistent about the "correct" English translation for abstract or mass nouns. For example, the German "Die Natur" can be correctly translated as just "Nature". In the example here for materials such as leather, the only way an English speaker would use the definite pronoun would be in the context of a specific piece of leather, such as "Please bring me the red leather over on the table." But given just an isolated noun, "Das Leder", there are no clues to let an English speaker know that this phrase is any different from "Die Natur".

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