"The needed word wasn't among the tiles" - screenshots needed!

Have you ever had a situation, where you could not create the correct answer from the tiles/puzzles/however you call them? Many people report those. The thing is, that it almost certainly isn't "a real bug" which doesn't allow you to put any correct answer (but if you prove me wrong, that will be very valuable feedback), but it's just the fact that many sentences have more than one 'starred answer'. Starred answers are ex aequo 'best answers'. They usually differ by just one word, although sometimes they may be quite different.

So, almost any sentence about "you" will have both "ty" (singular you) and "wy" (plural you) starred. And of course the variants will need different forms of the verb. Sentences with "they" will probably star both "oni" (at least one man among them) and "one" (no men among them) starred. Sentences built as "X is Y" will frequently have two starred answers (for example "Lew to kot" and "Lew jest kotem") And I believe that tiles will often allow to create only one of those starred answers. Not necessarily the one that you were thinking about. Is it wrong? Not. Is it problematic? A bit, but well, you should be able to figure out all the 'best answers'. There are not that many.

The biggest problem is (and this is only my theory) if the algorithm actually suggests to you an answer that was impossible to create. I have to agree that this may be very confusing, especially to beginners. But I haven't seen proof that such situations indeed occur, it is my guess after readins dozens of similar comments. The picture below illustrates how it may look like:

So, in this example, the user (me) gets confused and answers "Lew to kotem". This is wrong. The correct answers are either "Lew to kot" (possible to create from the tiles) or "Lew jest kotem" (impossible to create from the tiles as there was no 'jest'). But if "Lew jest kotem" was impossible to create, it is confusing to have it as the correction.

Therefore I'd like you to check this theory. If you had problems with missing tiles, if you had a situation that looks like the one I imagined and illustrated in MS Paint, please take a screenshot, upload it to one of the free image hosting websites, and post a link in a comment in this thread. If there issome proof, the developers will be more likely to reproduce the problem and think of ways of solving it.

In case you need to find a image hosting website, see this:

July 10, 2018


I believe the reason why that happens is because when the contributors are making sentences they display a word the device believes is the only answer that Duolingo will accept so if you put a different answer, which may have the same translation, it will not be allowed! (Happens to me a lot!)

July 10, 2018

I deliberately made some mistakes today hoping to get an impossible to create correction, but so far didn't get any.

Nevertheless there were some confusing corrections, as you can see here:

The typo message would be correct without the tiles, but then I would expect to see the typo corrected in Duolingo's answer (even if this answer is impossible to create by the tiles) in addition to the correction shown here. In no way państwo is a typo of cię.

The next one is similar. But in this case it would be even more helpful to see the corrected accent in Duolingo's message as I don't even have an idea how adding an accent could correct the translation:

In both cases I think it would be best if Duolingo shows two corrections instead of only one:

  • the one which comes closest to my answer
  • the one which can be created by the tiles
July 11, 2018

OK, the issue here is different, but those screenshots clearly show a problem, as the messages indeed make no sense.

On the other hand, those two examples show something contradictory to my theory, you got exactly the only version that could be created from the tiles, although there could be 'closer' answers.

Thank you for the screenshots! Let's see what other people will show.

July 12, 2018

First example is not a typo. it is a mistake. I don't know why duolingo accepted it. it could be either "nie lubię cię", "nie lubię was" or "nie lubię państwa". In the second one the accent will not help because accents don't change words in polish. As a native I'm confused how the accent could possibly change "pan" to "państwa" or "pani" (which is also correct here).

July 13, 2018

First example is not a typo

You are right. I forgot that it is not a typo when it is a valid word. So I will report it as a bug.

As a native I'm confused how the accent could possibly change "pan" to "państwa" or "pani" (which is also correct here).

I was confused, too. Thanks for confirming this. I will report it as a bug to Duolingo.

July 13, 2018

this happens to me quite often in the Romanian course :/

by the accent it probably means that the word państwa has an accent and pan doesn't so that's why it notified you

September 11, 2018
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Until today, I thought this was a myth, then this happened...

July 13, 2018

Nice! (I think). Thank you :)

(in case anyone wonders, although this topic is in the Polish forums - by all means, send screenshots from other languages)

July 13, 2018
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Here is another...

July 28, 2018

[deactivated user]

    the right answer here is: lew to kot

    July 11, 2018

    i had know idea Dulingo asked questions like that

    July 16, 2018

    Hey there Mr. Jellei. Thanks for all your time, help, work and patience. Here are the link(s) to the screen shots of the the sentences that were denied for what appears to be lack of capitalization of the initial word in each sentence. ( These are from the website version of Duo)

    August 14, 2018

    Thanks a lot! :) I passed it further, I hope that they will make it easier for the developers to figure out what is wrong.

    And of course: You're welcome :)

    August 14, 2018
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