"How do you write your dad's name?"

Translation:¿Cómo se escribe el nombre de tu papá?

5 months ago


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shouldn't it be "escribes"

5 months ago


No. The question is asking how the name of your father is written (spelled). So it takes on the form of "se escribe _ nombre". Just like if I wanted to ask you, "How do you spell/write the word happy in English?" it would be "¿Cómo se escribe la palabra 'happy' en inglés?"

5 months ago


okay. How about asking how do YOU write it. As in I write it in cursive with a crayon, he writes in blood, but how do YOU write it. Then I think it would be le escribes, yes?

2 months ago


"escribes" was accepted but I wish I had come up with "se escribe." I think it's a better answer.

4 months ago


How do YOU WRITE....como se escribes....?????

2 months ago


¿Cómo escribes el nombre de tu papá? accepted 10/16/2018. So when is reflexive required, or is it always optional?

2 months ago


¿Cómo escribes el nombre de tu papá? rejected 12/17/2018 ??

1 day ago


interesting, it felt like i was asking you because you is in the sentence not be. No lo sé se

3 months ago
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