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"Papá, ¿qué música te gusta escuchar?"

Translation:Dad, what music do you like to listen to?

3 months ago



Surely "which music" is equally correct ?

3 months ago


Same question, does anybody know if "which"" should be accepted as well as "what?"

1 month ago


Why not " like to hear". That was marked wrong

2 months ago


Why not "would you like to listen to?"

3 months ago

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Would you like would be te gustaría (conditional).

3 months ago


Thank you! That's helpful.

2 months ago

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Because that's not the correct translation?

With gustar you have to translate slightly different to the way you would with other verbs.

Papa - Dad

qué música - what music

te gusta - pleases you (or is pleasing to you)

escuchar - to listen to

More here on gustar: https://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/gustar

3 months ago


I answered correctly, same as your answer, and it was makrked as wrong.. there is a bug

2 months ago


"Father, which music do you like to listen to?" - should be accepted. Reported August 27, 2018

1 month ago


I got counted wrong for avoiding ending my English sentence with a preposition ("Dad, to what music do you like to listen?). While it isn't a strict rule to do so in English, my understanding has always been that it is considered proper in modern usage. Why do you hurt me like this, Duolingo? This is why we can't have nice things.

1 month ago


I very much see your point. Duolingo should be a little loose on judgement (in other words realistic). English has so many different local speaking styles, as does Spanish, and being too strict makes no sense, if you aim to respect those diversities. Report it.

1 month ago


Why is sometimes fancy, like, and now enjoy. I am really scared when i do not understand what you expect

2 weeks ago