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"Ela guarda fotografias para comprovar."

Translation:She keeps pictures to prove it.

March 27, 2013



Pics or it didn't happen.


Should "She keeps the photos for proof" be accepted too? I know that this technically might translate as "Ela guarda fotografias para a prova", but I was confused why the answer would be "She keeps the photos to prove IT". I understand that "para infinite" translates as "in order to verb", but what exactly does IT refer to? Or, is it just understood that there is an IT previously mentioned?


I think yeah, we have to assume this sentence has been taken from a context where "it" would actually refer to something. The reason it has to be there is that the verb "prove" requires an object (even a dummy object like "it"); "she keeps the pictures to prove" wouldn't be a grammatical sentence. I'd think "...for proof" (or "...as proof") should be accepted though, it has the same meaning after all...


She keeps the photos for proof is accepted. :)


´to prove´ must be a transitive verb, which always has to take a direct object and doesn´t make sense without one. Like ´to like´. You have to like IT/ SOMETHING/ SOMEONE etc.


I agree with "she keeps photos for proof", without "the". Maybe "some pictures" too, but there should be no definite article here, otherwise the meaning would change.


The audio sounds like "elas guarda" which would be wrong.. am I hearing the "elas" wrong?


I see what you mean about that s sound. You can report it if you like. We can report it.


I hear "elas" as well, but only at the regular speed. Reported.


yeah, the audio definitely is saying "elas" instead of "ela" :(


Is that a complete sentence?


Just out of curiosity, how would you say "she keeps the photographs as proofs"? As in a professional photographer or artist?

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Is there any difference between "provar" and "comprovar"? In one of the lessons we had "prove" translated as "provar": "O cientista provou a sua teoria".


"comprovar" and "provar" are synonyms when it is related to prove something is real or actually happened.

"provar" can also be used for "to taste", "to try out", etc.


awkward sentence, nobody would say this in English


You are right.


Could you say "as proof= como prova"

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