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"¿Sabes dónde están los pasaportes?"

Translation:Do you know where the passports are?

2 months ago



I put do you know where are the passports. Could this be right also?

2 months ago

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No, the word order isn't exactly right. In a direct question, it's "Where are the passports?" But when you put that question at the end of another sentence, the to be verb and the subject invert: Do you know where the passports are?

Where is she? I know where she is. We don't say [I know where is she].

2 months ago


Where are the passports?, I fail to understand why the order of words should change: Do you know where are the passports? sounds just fine to.

1 month ago

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You must invert the word order with indirect questions: https://www.espressoenglish.net/direct-and-indirect-questions-in-english/

3 weeks ago