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  5. "Ferengi are humanoids."

"Ferengi are humanoids."

Translation:yoqpu' chaH verenganpu''e'.

July 11, 2018



qatlh DIp mojaq Segh cha' vIchelnIS?


bIH Hutlhbogh lIw wIpeSbe'mo'. DaH vItI'ta'.


For Klingons, does the word "yoq" actually mean something like "klingonoid"? I assume humans wouldn't be the default that klingons imagine when they imagine a shape with a head, torso, two arms, and two legs.


The Klingon word for that is yoq. We don't know the etymology of that word, but it doesn't seem to have any relationship to the word tlhIngan. However, I could definitely imagine a Klingon who is learning English objecting to the word "humanoid" and suggesting that the word "Klingonoid" would be just as good or better.

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