"Teď ty stroje jsou tvé."

Translation:Now those machines are yours.

July 11, 2018

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Perhaps I have a hearing problem - really - but the man's voice is often impossible for me to understand, sometimes ESPECIALLY when I slow it down. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm 62, so it may truly be a hearing issue. When he says "ted' ", it is incomprehensible to me! Almost no vowel at all!


Mel, it is not always a hearing issue, but the brain is notorious for filling in the gaps such that you can often hear what you think you hear. Example, if one is hearing the syllable "li" but it could also be "ni", even if you tell yourself, this time it's "li" you will hear "li" and if you knowing it's "li" but tell yourself it's "ni", when words are pronounced at a fast pace, you will hear it as "ni". This is because the brain fills in on a regular basis.

When I first was working on my 2nd Psychology degree, the professor knew I was studying languages and described to me why it is more difficult to figure out spoken Spanish and French words than English words. He taught me it's because I grew up hearing English so the brain has a database to refer to, but I don't have it for French and Spanish, so the brain can't fill in.

So the brain is often filling in for hearing loss situations. It can do this when we are learning a new language if we feed or create the database by what we think we are going to hear. If I flash card you as the word comes out in a sentence, prime you to think "li" or "ni", you will hear whichever I flash card you with. Like I said, it even works when you know it's li and picture yourself being told it will be "ni". Kind of baffling, but it's a good thing overall to have that capability.

What will help you is when the sentence can be slowed down. Hopefully once you hear it enough at slow speed, you will grasp it as fast speed. At fast speed the brain is scrambling to figure out which word a syllable goes with because it's unfamiliar with the language. Once slowed down, you laugh at yourself because you know the all the words but they ran together like new words. Owah tegu Siam. Repeat quickly. = Oh what a goose I am.

If you need a hearing aid, get one. Or use headphones, or earphones for mobile ... in both ears is best to incorporate both sides of the brain. Good luck. At 62 you should have a very strong memory going for you.


See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38461454/Dreadful-new-Czech-voice and https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37840280/Problems-with-new-Czech-voice

The female voice was introduced as a replacement for the male one and the male voice should disappear in some time.


Wow! Thank you! :D


I LIKE having both male and female voices from which to learn. It's true that both are occasionally unintelligible, mostly by very softened (especially first) consonants. Actually this happens in most languages. Ted' came out approx. "chsetsh" here. Ah well...


Teď works for mi quite fine here (the female TTS). There might be some problem with your device or you just have to get used to the sound.


Same here but mainly the male voice is just very quiet for me sometimes


In which case is stroje here?


nominative plural. it is the subject of the verb, so it must be nominative.

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