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"These beds are good for old people."

Translation:Tyto postele jsou dobré pro staré lidi.

July 11, 2018



I translated "Tyto postele pro staré lidi jsou dobré". Why is my version been rejected: These beds are good, not bad in fact, for old people!! I am visiting a hospice for elder and I say, Tyto postele pro staré lidi JSOU DOBRÉ! Don't worry, I will notify it at the authorities! Well, should I have reported it, Tyto postele pro staré lidi jsou dobré or is there still something to know concerning Czech wordorder? ? Thank you all very much in advance ;-)


Tyto postele jsou dobré pro staré lidi. = 'These beds are good for old people.' (For whom are the beds good?)

Tyto postele pro staré lidi jsou dobré. = 'These beds for old people (meaning beds specifically intended for elderly) are good.' (Quality of these beds for elderly?)


THANK YOU! Word order again... sigh.


Maybe I put the accent differently while translating, but I wrote correct all my declinations (it was a black on white pure translation), I am happy for that. I worked twenty minutes on it I think, Endless-never Sleeper :-) Though I still wonder if in English we really need to put the "discussing" part of a sentence at the end, in Czech being a rule of thumb. I did not report my option, I have too many doubts, even on my English! Thanks again!


I thought tyto means those and tyhle means these. Are they interchangeable in Czech?


No, it is the other way round.

these - tyto, tyhle, tyhlety

those - ty, tamty, tamhlety


Oh dear, I forgot. Thanks.

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