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"Can I help you with the grass?"

Translation:¿Te ayudo con el césped?

2 months ago



Te puedo ayudar con el cesped? Not accepted 8/5.

1 month ago

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Are the following also correct? Both were rejected.

  • "¿Puedo ayudarte con el césped?" = Can I help you... ?

  • ¿Podría ayudarte con el césped?" = Could I help you...?

2 months ago

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Poder is not required here. You're trying to translate the sentence literally rather than understanding how it's constructed.

te ayudo con ... I help you with...?

It's a question, so the can is put in front of it, but it shouldn't be translated.

2 months ago

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With all my respect, I think you are wrong.

¿Te ayudo? = ¿Do I help you?

¿Puedo ayudarte? = ¿Can I help you?

I don't have problem if they accept the translation "Te ayudo con el césped" because I think the objetive of the sentence is clear in both languages. However, I think they also should be accept the literally translation → "¿Puedo ayudarte con el césped?"

2 weeks ago


Your explanation makes sense. Thanks.

3 weeks ago


¿Te puedo ayudar con la pasta? Not accepted 19-Aug-2018

1 month ago