"Can I help you with the grass?"

Translation:¿Te ayudo con el césped?

3 months ago



Te puedo ayudar con el cesped? Not accepted 8/5.

3 months ago

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Are the following also correct? Both were rejected.

  • "¿Puedo ayudarte con el césped?" = Can I help you... ?

  • ¿Podría ayudarte con el césped?" = Could I help you...?

3 months ago


if you look at the tips in the lesson, they say that "In English, we often add extra words like will or can to be polite....In Spanish, it's okay to be more direct."

1 month ago

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Poder is not required here. You're trying to translate the sentence literally rather than understanding how it's constructed.

te ayudo con ... I help you with...?

It's a question, so the can is put in front of it, but it shouldn't be translated.

3 months ago

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With all my respect, I think you are wrong.

¿Te ayudo? = ¿Do I help you?

¿Puedo ayudarte? = ¿Can I help you?

I don't have problem if they accept the translation "Te ayudo con el césped" because I think the objetive of the sentence is clear in both languages. However, I think they also should be accept the literally translation → "¿Puedo ayudarte con el césped?"

2 months ago


Your explanation makes sense. Thanks.

2 months ago


¿Te puedo ayudar con la pasta? Not accepted 19-Aug-2018

2 months ago


por que no Te ayudo a con el.........

6 days ago
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