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"Do you want to buy bananas?"

Translation:┬┐Quieres comprar bananas?

1 month ago



"Quieres comprar platanos" not accepted?

1 month ago


Once again, this is dialectical...in Panama people often say "platanos" when referring to any kind of banana. Apparently any banana species is a platano, but in some places people specifically mean "plantains."

3 weeks ago


Me gustan las bananas. versus Quieres comprar bananas. Why does the former require the article "las", but not the latter?

Both seem to be talking about bananas in general rather than a specific bunch of bananas.

2 weeks ago


I went back and forth on whether to use the definite article on this one. I finally decided that in this case, the speaker is regarding "bananas" as a commodity and not as an inquiry regarding some specific bananas or some specific kind of bananas, so I translated the article "las bananas". But I seem to have guessed a different context than Duo intended.

1 month ago


my correction says should be "bananos"-are you kidding me?

3 weeks ago


Same here. What's going wrong?

3 weeks ago


DL accepted "platanos." I have lived in Mexico and Venezuela, plus visited Chile and in all cases bananas are called "platanos"

1 week ago


Same question as asked by two others: why no "las" here? Could someone explain?

4 days ago