Translation:The boy is going to the store with eighteen pesos.

4 months ago



...for to get a lollipop?

4 months ago


When I took Spanish in High School more than fifty years ago I was taught that eighteen in Spanish is "diez y ocho". So I'm confused to find out that it's "dieciocho". Can someone please explain? Are both ways of saying eighteen (and other such numbers) correct?

3 months ago


I recall seeing diez y ocho or something similar as a restaurant name somewhere but I think the number is always dieciocho, at least in Spain.

3 months ago


There are others referring the same on other DL posts... so, I am not sure if this is a regional thing or just language evolution.

2 months ago


Lol, language evolution... Every scientists dream to actually come true. Lel

1 week ago


about 88 cents

2 days ago
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