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"These are the cities from which we are."

Translation:Ce sont les villes desquelles nous sommes.

March 27, 2013



This French sentence looks "translated" - we would not say that. Maybe: "ce sont les villes d'où nous sommes".

Rather: "ce sont les villes dont (or d'où) nous venons" (not specific as to places "we are from" but "we come from").

Or, with "desquelles" : "ce sont les villes desquelles (or d'où) nous sommes partis" (again, non specific)

To be specific (re. where are you from?) : "ce sont les villes dont nous sommes originaires".


Hopefully you used the report button on this ...


I emailed the link to this page.


Looks like this sentence is awkward in both languages! :)


Does this sentence mean the cities that you come from?

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