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Ag vs aici

Duolingo has the sentence "Tá gúnaí ag an mbean." Why is ag used here instead of aici? Thanks

July 11, 2018



ag = at
aici = at her

If you used aici in that sentence, it would be something like "at her the woman" instead of "at the woman".

More information: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Prepositions-1/tips-and-notes


Thanks! I kept trying to look up forms of ag and I couldn't find anything about ag alone.

Also, I didn't realize Duolingo had info about each section, thanks for that too!


Ná habair é! :)

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Tá gúnaí agam - "I have dresses"
Tá gúnaí agat - "You have dresses"
Tá gúnaí aige - "He has dresses"
Tá gúnaí aici - "She has dresses"
Tá gúnaí againn - "We have dresses"
Tá gúnaí agaibh - "You (plural) have dresses"
Tá gúnaí acu - "They have dresses"
Tá gúnaí ag Cáit - "Cáit has dresses"
Tá gúnaí ag an mbean - "The woman has dresses"

Prepositions like ag (and ar and le and faoi, etc) combine with the pronouns ("me"), ("you"), é ("he"/"him"), í ("she"/"her"), sinn ("we"/"us"), sibh ("you" plural), and siad ("they"/"them") to create the "prepositional pronouns" agam, agat, aige, aici, againn, agaibh and acu. ag doesn't combine with nouns like Cáit and an bean (though eclipsis sneaks in for that last one).

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