Hello everyone, I am a new teacher and I wanted to know if having my students watch anime will help improve their Japanese?

July 11, 2018


I would say no, in the Japanese class at my school when they watch movies they don't do anything. Most of them just talk. And the ones that do listen either just read the subtitles or forget everything. However, I would still play movies for fun.

I would say yes; I already knew some Japanese words from just watching anime. Konichwa Senpai!

Gotta say.......your profile looks......familar. Cant quite put my finger on it......hmmm.

Anyways, DEFINETLY! Without a doubt!

I'm only here because Im just an aunt that started a "classroom" for my niece and nephew that dont (obviously) live with me. Thing is, I sometimes watch subbed anime. BUT Im familiar with HOW speakers use their inflections on their words BECAUSE I watch subbed anime.

After being on duolingo, and then watching anime, I started noticing that the sentences are broken down different than in english. Of course........thats just going to be obvious since its a different language. But.........I started asking myself "Why is that word over there? Why is this word here?" "Oh THATS how thats supposed to sound" Because I got to the point that i am curious about sentence structure, I think it would say volumes about what it would do for a learning enviorment.

I would do it so they could have an EAR for it. I've heard some people say japanese names and words before but because I have an "EAR" for it, it just sounds off.

At least by the time we get fluent enough, we wont sound like a bunch of robots TRYING to sound human~ ; )

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