"Hallo, meine Frage steht schon im Betreff."

Translation:Hello, my question is already in the subject.

March 27, 2013

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? Does this sentence make any sense in German or English?


When you're writing an email, there is the mail, the line with the address and the line with topic of the email. The latter is called "Betreffzeile" (Zeile - line).


Thank you! That makes perfect sense. And I would never have figured that out by myself, so I especially appreciate the help.


The use of "Hallo" in Germany makes for a sometimes tricky translation situation. It is often used as a wake up call ranging from polite to a get your head out of the sand (or elsewhere) use. Ignoring the Hallo part, I suspect that this sentence actually translates better as "My question is on topic". Perhaps stated in the context of someone attempting to evade a question.

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