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  5. "她有蓝色的眼睛。"


Translation:She has blue eyes.

July 12, 2018



both ta sound the same you cant differentiate verbally both should be accepted lmao


This is such a frustrating issue with so many of the listening exercises in this course (every one that contains 她).


Not to be confused with 眼镜 (yǎn jìng ), which means glasses.


when do you use 双 and 色 ?


蓝色的眼睛 is literally "blue colored eye/s" (btw, not accepted here - reported. Most ppl would say blue eyes or blue eyed but "he has blue colored eyes" is perfectly valid.

一双绿眼睛 is "a pair of green eyes", not that common but plausible if you want to emphasise both eyes.


Both are ok. You could also have both in the same sentence, it's not a matter of choice between one or the other: 你有一双蓝色的眼睛. You could also remove them both: 你有蓝眼睛. Usually in a language, the more you add words, the more it sounds formal or childish, whereas shorter sentences are closer to everyday speech which strives to convey more ideas as fast as possible. It's not always the case, but most of the time that's how a language works. We'd need a native to confirm which version is the most common in everyday speech.


How are we supposed to know it is supposed to be "she" when 她 and 他 are pronounced the exact same way, with the same tone?


just... context basically. but in duolingo's listening section both are correct

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