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  5. "What is this?"

"What is this?"

Translation:Что это?

July 12, 2018


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ОшО что это?

July 15, 2018


Where is the difference between что, чем & чего?

[deactivated user]

    Those are different case-forms.

    Что is nominative (or accusative) case, it’s used when this word is a subject or direct object.

    Чем is instrumental case, it’s more like ‘using what? with what?’.

    Чего is genitive case, it’s more like ‘of what?’. There is a tendency for чего́ to replace что in colloquial speech (often in a shortened form чё), but this is markedly non-standard.


    How Russian people write the laughs? Like in spanish: jajaja, english: haha, lol brazilian: kkkkkkkk... But how in russia? :)

    [deactivated user]

      «Ха-ха» (or just «ха» for a small chuckle, or «ха-ха-ха» or even longer for longer laugh) is a normal, loud laughter.

      «Хе-хе» a laughter you’re trying to hide (e.g. it may a laughter on a topic that is not really funny, maybe a laughter because of shadenfreude).

      P.S. OwO


      Ваше иэображенин профиля....... совершенство


      Or you can just add a bunch of brackets to the end of your phrase))))))))))


      I thought it meant a very large happy face :))))) thank you :)




      I am hearing the "ч" in "что это" kind of like "SHto". But I thought "ч" sounds more like "ch"... Am I hearing it wrong or is this an exception in pronunciation? Maybe because it would be difficult to pronounce a ch and t together? Thanks in advance :)


      You hear correctly — что indeed sounds as if it were spelt што, and Wiktionary gives the IPA [ʂto].

      I too want to find out under what circumstances ч should sound like ш. As there has been no answer here so far, I searched further on the Internet. According to http://www.russianforeveryone.com/Rufe/Lessons/Course1/Introduction/IntrUnit10/IntrUnit10.htm, this happens in a few words, and we’d just have to learn them one by one. Aside from что, other common instances are чтобы (in order to), конечно (of course, sure), and скучный (boring or bored).


      This meant 'where is it' five minutes ago. I'm confused.

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