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Is there a way of viewing your overall progress?

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I know theres a daily progress of the last 7 days on the right hand side of the screen, but is there a way of viewing all of your progress.

July 7, 2012



I agree, something like this might be nice - much like what is provided by Khan Academy. After many months of study, it may be nice to be able to track your progress and see (beyond just 7 days) when you tend to be most productive in your language studies.

I don't know if this information is being purged from each user's data set at this point, but it could be useful information for some, and I'm sure this site would present the material in its usual pleasant, and efficient way. I'd love to see this implemented!


I thought the big chart on Home page was meant for us to track our progress along the various kinds and degrees of skills. No?


njaggi I think they mean "rate of progress."


Anki software has this, and I find it helpful and motivational

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