"They are not your birds."

Translation:Vaši ptáci to nejsou.

July 12, 2018

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Vaši práci nejsou?


Missing the "to" would just translate to "your birds are not" which wouldn't make sense by itself


This looks like the negative version of the familiar "to je/to jsou" construction, so I don't think you can leave out the "to." "Oni nejsou..." might be an option, but a Czech expert would be better to weigh in on that.

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"to" is required in this sentence.


Actually, "Oni nejsou vaši ptáci." is fine, if somewhat unusual. But it would be saying that about some people.


Isn't there a rule about "to" always being second in a sentence?


The second position is not necessarily the second word in the sentence. It's the second 'idea'. Here, "your birds" is the first idea.


In second position, but "vaši ptáci" is in the first position, you can't split it - if you meant that. It is really better to ask directly.


Oh, okay. I didn't really mean that, I was just wondering why it wasn't in second position.


In sentences like this, what is the most and the less common words order?

"Vaši ptáci to nejsou", " To vaši ptáci nejsou ", " To nejsou vaši ptáci ", od something else?


Both: Vaši ptáci to nejsou. and To nejsou vaši ptáci. are very natural and would be common.

The focus is very slightly different. If the birds are already established in the context, you will more likely start "Vaši ptáci...". If you are introducing them into the discussion, them more likely "To nejsou...".


Would "Ony nejsou tvoje ptátci" be incorrect here?

  • Most likely "oni" (masc. animate) to match the birds, but theoretically other genders are possible as well.
  • "tvoji" must be in the masculine animate form to match the noun.
  • "ptáci" - you have an extra letter there.
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