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  5. "That makes dust."

"That makes dust."

Translation:Ça fait de la poussière.

March 27, 2013



is it truly wrong to omit "de" in this sentence or just the normal usage? I know I've heard both


As a translation of "that makes dust", yes it is wrong to omit "de". That is the partitive form meaning "some dust", in French: masculine "du" (contraction of de-le) or feminine "de la"


Why not «ce fait de la poussière»? Moreover, i seem to remember being told in another exercise not to use ça in subject position, so I have been avoiding it.


"ce" as a pronoun is only used with "être": c'est, ce sont.

or with "pouvoir être": ce peut être...

With usual verbs, "that" translates to "cela" or "ça".


Thanks for the explanation! (I mixed things up, it is Quoi I was told should not be used in subject position.)


Poussiéreux/poussiéreuse, - dusty! I wonder if they use these?!

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