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Can I revert my account from being a registered teacher? All A/B trees converted back to the old


DuoLingo messages (for each course):

Notice something different?

We’ve updated your skill tree to teach you Portuguese more effectively (no, you did not!).
We’ve updated your skill tree to teach you French more effectively.
We’ve updated your skill tree to teach you Spanish more effectively.

Funny, you can "register/login" as teacher with the same (this) user account I started my EN-PT and PT-DE / PT-EN courses and I already had added the new A/B EN-SP and EN-FR (3.0) courses.

I did not even have to re-login to create two classrooms for my Portuguese courses.

Sadly I have to tell you, that I destroyed my own account trying this:

  • My updated, almost finished, new A/B EN-PT tree (June 2018) rolled back to the old version: This is a complete desaster for me!
  • I lost my unfinished "Future Subjunctive" skill
  • I lost the updated EN-SP tree (520 lessons) which I had not started
  • I lost the new EN-FR 3.0 (A/B) tree which I had not started

This happend when I clicked on http://schools.duolingo.com for my current logged-in account and pressing the "teacher" button.

So obviously ALL (started/added) courses for a teacher will be rolled back to the normal courses; not any A/B courses which no classroom has been created for, are supported!


This does not only apply to created classrooms and progress sharing for a student account (as I would have expected), but actually this will be done for ALL courses a teacher has added on his own account :-(

I really thought I could just create a 2nd user account when I clicked that teacher button or that there would be at least ANY warning that this might withdraw the newer trees?!?

I can not find an undo option for this operation to un-register my teacher account.

For this current account I have not yet shared any progress / joined one of my PT-DE / PT-EN reverse trees.

I had ZERO plans to do that for the forward, almost finished, new EN-PT A/B tree!
I also have an EN-PT club with club competitions running

I know that when I would have left the classroom (stopped progress sharing) as a student, that the newer A/B trees would have been re-updated again.


What can I do now?
Can you help me please to get the right EN-PT A/B tree back?

Thanks for your help.


New help support link: https://duolingoschools.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405099307021-How-do-I-delete-a-classroom-

With best regards

July 12, 2018



Thomas, I had an empty classroom too, and it kept me from getting the updated Spanish tree. Once I realized that the classroom was what was holding me back, I searched in the "Help" section for Duolingo for Schools and found how to delete my class. I instantly had the upgraded Spanish tree.

I would give you a link to the help article, but I have to choose to be a teacher or a student to get back into Duolingo for Schools to read the help section. I don't want to risk reverting to the old tree, then deleting my class to get the new tree again - I fear I might lose the work I've done on the new tree.


Hi Lrtward,

thank you so much for your reply and participating in my absolutely nerve wrecking journey.

I searched in the "Help" section for Duolingo for Schools and found how to delete my class.

Found the Help FAQ: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000539186-How-do-I-delete-a-classroom-

Was no real problem to search around for this feature without the Help article...

Once I realized that the classroom was what was holding me back

Well, the funny thing is, that I did not create an (empty) classroom for my EN-PT tree because I knew that classrooms were incompatible with A/B trees and progress sharing.

SOLVED...one step forward:

  • I deleted both (empty) PT-DE and PT-EN (reverse) classrooms.

  • after a no long-time wait (almost "instantly" as you described it) and www.duolingo.com "Home" access/refresh I got my new updated EN-PT tree back

don't want to risk reverting to the old tree, then deleting my class to get the new tree again - I fear I might lose the work I've done on the new tree.

German: Diese Befürchtung ist meiner Erachtens auch absolut gerechtfertigt. Zum Glück trifft das aber nicht zu.

EN translated: This fear is in my view absolutely justified. Luckily that is not true.

  • no work reset (as before after conversation and lessons data), nothing (incl. lessons data) is thankfully lost from all of my June 2018 skill updates and lesson test-outs (several with the new timestamp)

  • both newer A/B trees EN-FR and EN-SP are also back (please note: I deleted PT-EN + PT-DE!)

  • When I visit again http://schools.duolingo.com I get prompted again for "Are you a teacher or student" popup

  • Summary: classroom schools work quite differently than someone might expect


Thank you so much. I too had empty classrooms set up (mostly because I was curious), and around five minutes after I deleted them I had access to the new Esperanto tree! I never would have thought to delete these classrooms if it wasn't for this post.





That is great news about your updated EN-Esperanto A/B 2.0 tree.

Dann hat sich wenigstens ja der ganze Aufwand das niederzuschreiben bzw. einzeln durchzutesten für die gesamte Community gelohnt?!

Hoffentlich sind es dann ein paar weniger Klage-Threads, die wir erhalten ;)

Oder der ein oder andere Duolingoianer kann das auch ggf. als Workaround nehmen, wenn er NICHT in den aktuellen Bäumen aprupt umgestellt werden will?!?

Hätte selbst irgendwie auch keine Lust 58 Skills in Spanisch mit allen L3-L5 Kronen zu verlieren um mich dann von heute auf morgen plötzlich auf Kronen Level L0 (Purple) wiederzufinden.

Sorry, I am not in the mood to translate it right now...

Have fun!

Viele Grüße


Thanks so much for this! I had no idea why my course reverted back to 121 skills! Now my course is back to the 133 skills version.

Vielen Dank für ihr Hilfe.


I know this is an old topic but I had the same thing happen to me this week when I created a teacher account. Found your post and I deleted the classroom and now the French tree is back to the new version. Thanks for the info! Sent you a lingot!


but I have to choose to be a teacher or a student to get back into Duolingo for Schools to read the help section

The help within Duolingo for Schools links here (it is just the Duolingo for Schools section within the Help Center):



I really thought I could just create a 2nd user account when I clicked that teacher button or that there would be at least ANY warning that this might withdraw the newer trees?!?

These are 2 things which should be made more obvious IMO:

  • on the https://schools.duolingo.com page where one can choose to be a teacher or a student it would be good to have a hint that there are no separate accounts for learning on Duolingo or being a teacher or being a student in a classroom, but the same account is used for all.

  • it would be important to get a warning that all A/B test trees are reset to the old tree when one creates or joins a classroom. While it makes sense that all students in a classroom are learning with the same tree, it is not obvious that all trees of the student/teacher are reset in this case.


Quote dlhgl: It would be important to get a warning that all A/B test trees are reset to the old tree

Switched, but not reset!

If we remove ALL classrooms, we are also simply switched back to the new A/B tree, but it will not be resetted.

Thankfully we do not lose progress and finished "crown sessions" or crown levels with the back and forth switching.


Of course I meant the tree and not the progress. The progress should never be reset in such cases as it is saved separately from the tree.


Wow. That's a lot of damage to one's learning environment. I would be very bummed out if all my trees reverted all of a sudden. Hope you can work that out.


Hi Scott,

let's hope that the EN-PT tree progress is still there and saved.

I re-tested several converted skills when it was still possible (on the old "lesson test-out" code) in the first 2-3 weeks of June.
My duome.eu SHOF progress page looked quite nice and tidy besides the unfinished new "Future Subjunctive" skill (no +x red lesson text symbols) ;)

This would not be working anymore with their currently implemented new testing "skill crown level test-out" code.


I submitted the bug report.

Reference code: 1051799


@Duolingo staff

As I have already submitted a bug report to the support and developers:

Quote Lrtward: I had an empty classroom too, and it kept me from getting the updated Spanish tree.

Quote Lrtward: Once I realized that the (specific) - even empty - classroom was what was holding me back

I do really understand why even creating an empty specific classroom would convert those associated trees back. I am fine with that (my suggestions below).

This is because a teacher has access to the classroom (once setup for a concrete language pair) curriculum and gets a list of ALL skills and associated words.

So when I would have created an EN-PT classroom, I would have expected those problem to occur for my EN-PT A/B tree.

But I only created PT-DE and PT-EN, but not EN-PT.

Another bug:
I can remember that I first completely confused the language pair target<->source sides and I tried to select for my 1st attempt "Portuguese" as target and either German or English as the source instead of the other way round (this would have been my goal).

I tried to give the classroom the name "PT-DE or PT-EN" and I was not allowed to create and the red "Continue" button was greyed out. I could not finish.
So this creation process was not successful, no classroom was shown!

Q1: But does this change this (EN-PT) tree and switch it to the old one? Why?

Q2: What has any Portuguese tree to do with my other added (but not started) EN-FR and EN-SP courses, where those A/B trees had been switched back too?

Are you 100% sure (designed by intention?) that there isn't a huge bug in the schools.duolingo.com teacher code where (all) tree switching occurs classroom unrelated?

Q3: Is there any way to enhance the schools.duolingo.com teacher code, either to sign-up for a new teacher account and not automatically take the currectly logged user account?
IMHO you should warn at least users that the current account data is being used!

Q4: As many users are trying to misuse schools.duolingo.com classrooms to get the words list back: Would you please check - before any tree switching - if any conversion has to take place? Would you please WARN the teacher about A/B trees, before he finally submits?

Q5: A 2nd teacher step is missing, when you click on the "Teacher" button!!! Can you please enhance the frontend logic a bit?

Q6: Would you please add to the Help FAQ section the hint that you can un-register an associated schools teacher from the current user account login when you delete ALL (empty) classrooms?

Q7: Instead of shouldn't there be an "Un-register schools teacher" button / link anywhere?

Thank you for your attention backend developers!

Und nochmals vielen Dank dafür, dass Ihr mir nach der ganzen Aufregung meinen aktuelleren Englisch-Portugiesisch Baum wieder "heile" zurückgebracht habt, nachdem ich im Juni wegen dem Baum Update und all den konvertierten (defekten) Skills im "erweiterten User Profile" einige Arbeit investiert hatte!


I am so happy, that all the new versions of your courses are back!

But I only created PT-DE and PT-EN, but not EN-PT

Students (and teachers) are not affected by tree A/B tests. They should all automatically be in the "stable" tree.
Admin SeanColombo in https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24661005


Hi Pentaan,

yes I understand, even the linked transition thread about how student joining is handled.

But I did not create (sucessfully) any EN-PT classroom after my current account got registered as a teacher.

There was no classroom in the list to delete afterwards.

Why had three (other) A/B courses been nevertheless switched to the stable trees even no classrooms were there for them?


It's not the classroom, it's in your account.
If you are a teacher or a student, then your account is never affected by tree A/B tests


Hello Thomas. Two years later and this problem still exist. When you creat/join a classroom (I tried this by add myself to my class, and also to other's class), all your language trees will switch to the old one (if A/B tree is available, actually only happen on French/Spanish for English speaker). Everything will become normal after you deleted the class and you will not lost the progress. It's really harmful because we can't get new update when using duolingo for school.


Still exists today 3/25/2021.... Started Schools to setup accounts for my grandkids to learn Spanish. My French lessons were then reverted back to the old tree...

Will try some of the suggestions here to try to recover the new lessons. I guess I will need to setup a new Duolingo username and login account to use as my teacher account...


The whole idea to try the teacher-student classroom feature was the "words list" for my reverse trees.

Introducing basic data export (announcement from staff, my reply): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/9556497$comment_id=27975867

  • 2022

That is a very interesting topic. I just wonder where do I find the "teacher" button? I've been using the Duolingo for Schools from when I first discovered it to be able to retrack my own activity (which BTW stopped working at some point), so maybe I'm already counted as a teacher? And I guess that may be the reason I still have the 121 skill German tree that I'm just about to finish. I do hope I can remain with that tree as I checked in a dedicated forum thread thet the newer 131 skill one doesn't have some of the vocab that I like :-( (esp. Animals 2).



You have created 7 classrooms on this account.


"New content (up to A2!) in the German course coming soon!": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/52447839

That must be the newest tree with 178 skills I guess.


(request desktop site to see all columns)

Previous CEFR tree update had 133/149 skills (first three sections are A1).

To be honest, I hope I can finish last two checkpoints on my stable reverse tree (reduced 8->6 checkpoints) before I get ported to any newer version.

  • 2022

It looks I'm at least two trees behind :-) I was lucky to be able to finish the first version that I got, with only some vocab update in the meantime.

  • 2022

Thank you for the comment, you motivated me to go again through my nice old German tree before it turns into a newer one.


Thomas, is there anyway I can actually speak with you? are you in the German Duolingo discord server?

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