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"Vuli ni mwezi wa kumi na mwezi wa kumi na moja"

Translation:The short rains season is in October and November

July 12, 2018



Equatorial seasons are so different to those in temperate climes that it would be better just to use the Swahili word, imho. c.f. our old friend 'ugali'.


Autumn should be accepted.


No, I'd call it spring if I had to compare it to a season I'm familiar with. It comes after kipupwe, winter.


The hover-over suggests autumn. Maybe that's because of its proximity to autumn in the north. (3/2020)


Previously, the answer to 'vuli' was given as 'the season of short rains'; this was rejected here - and, also previously, 'autumn' was translated as 'vuli', but the reverse translation was rejected.


Shouldn't it be short rainy season are in october and november


that implies 'short season of rain'


Vili is defined as Autumn early and then later changed as mentioned below, I agree that short rains is a more meaningful translation so autumn should be removed early on


I agree. The descriptions are much more useful than misleading names of seasons. From now on I will tell my fingers to reject the summer, winter, autumn suggestions I had previously packed in my head. I hope that will be more accurate and keep DuoLingo happy as well!

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