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"Who has many businesses?"

Translation:¿Quién tiene muchos negocios?

1 month ago



What is wrong with quien tiene muchas empresas?

1 month ago


Nothing - it should be accepted.

It appears that when the course maintainers added "empresas" as an acceptable answer option, they forgot to add the feminine plural form of mucho. It incorrectly expects you to say "muchos empresas" as a result.

Report it if you encounter it again.

3 weeks ago

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20 July 2018 ""Quién tiene muchas empresas" is still being marked wrong. Duo is suggesting that the correct answer should be: "Quién tiene muchos empresas"! Reported. Duo please fix! Thank you.

3 weeks ago


Reported again 11 Aug 2018.

4 days ago


I put quien tiene muchas empresas how is this wrong

1 month ago


That was my answer and it is not wrong. Sorry Duo is wrong!

3 weeks ago


Also, "empresa" is a much more common term for a business than is "negocio," at least in Latin America, per sources I checked. And yeah, it is NOT a masculine noun!

2 weeks ago