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Hi Firefox users! You Might want to read this!

Recently, I've noticed that a whole bunch of Firefox users have been complaining about duolingo not working so hot on Firefox. Last night, Mozilla (the company that developed firefox) issued a major update to their browser. The update makes the browser faster and more user-friendly. (Don't worry, I've tested it myself.) My point is that the faster browser does make duolingo faster and less glichy. I have noticed that I haven't experienced an Error 404 message for almost a day. (That's pretty good compared to Safari and Chrome.) Hope this helps! Enjoy!

April 29, 2014



Chrome works better than Firefox on my computer.


What exactly is happening to you in firefox?


Duolingo loads faster and is less glichy.


My Duolingo doesn't work on firefox. It only works i Ii go onto safari.


i cant hear the sound of leason can you help me?


When I try to go to Duolingo on Firefox, all I get is a white page. I'm using the current version of Firefox. Wondering if others are having the same problem.

  • Firefox on a Pc, phone or tablet?
  • which operating system + version number does your device have?
  • which version number of Firefox?


Well that's odd. Couldn't get Duolingo to open on Firefox until today. No clue why. Had been trying for a week or so. I just started using Firefox. But to answer your question Pentaan: Windows 7 on PC, version 61.0.2 Firefox


Hey, how can I use the mic on Firefox?


Duolingo only supports the microphone in the Google Chrome browser and in the Apps.

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