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"Ayer nosotros disfrutamos mucho el partido."

Translation:Yesterday we enjoyed the game a lot.

3 months ago



What is wrong with "Yesterday we enjoyed a lot of the game"?

3 months ago


I think your sentence is saying that you enjoyed some (a lot of) the game, but not all of it. The Spanish sentence is saying they enjoyed the game (the game in general) very much. To say your sentence you would have to say something like "Ayer nosotros disfrutamos muchos partes del partido."

3 months ago


You're saying you didn't enjoy all of the game. We enjoyed the game a lot, is what you should have put.

2 months ago

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Are you really just trying perverse translations to see the range of meaning acceptable? If so, bravo! If not, you should know that mucho basically means much (big surprise!) and the plural muchos essentially equates to many. So: much fun, much food; many people, many languages. To be colloquial, Duo now accepts, in place of much, "a lot of" eg fun, food, etc. (And "lots of" people, games, etc for muchos.) So the English phrase "a lot of" with the alternative meaning "a large proportion of" is clearly not the same. By and large you should translate what's given but always translate the meaning. In this case, your suggestion changes the meaning by being too literal -"... enjoyed.the game a lot" preserves the meaning.

1 month ago


"We enjoyed the game yesterday very much" Anyone want to tell me why this wouldn't be acceptable?

3 weeks ago