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Has Hindi gone backwards again?

With just 3 days to go, Hindi now has a status 89% complete.

Earlier this week I'm sure it was 90%.

It's only a small change; maybe just a recalibration before they hit us with the final 11% and launch bang on time on Monday...?

But the silence from the team makes me think there will be a postponement.

July 13, 2018



They are still putting in the TTS. They expect it to release in August


Once again poor messaging by Duo ... the incubator page still shows a release date for Monday, for which many of us have been waiting two years or more.

I would say that this is the single most frustrating language wait for me on Duolingo, however living in India I always expect everything to be delayed at least 6-10 times so it doesn't surprise me. Almost nothing is delivered on time or as promised as it relates to India (and I realize those constructing the course may be located elsewhere, but I guess I am just referring to anything even related to country it seems). SIGH.


I don't know why you downvoted me, but I consider it very childish of you.

Now, I am in contact with an Alpha-tester and he told me that they are just doing the finishing touches. He said that the Hindi course indeed might finally launch Monday.

The fact that the Hindi course delayed so many times, was not Duolingo's fault, but that of the contributors.

Patience is a nice thing


Just a quick clarification- it's been delayed so much because of the original contributor, how worked on the course for a bit and then went AWOL- nothing happened for a year until myself and a few others took action and got some new contributors put in place (who have been fantastic, btw) :-)


I didn't downvote you, so you don't have to consider it childish on my behalf. Someone else must have reacted that way.

And please don't construe my comments as a downvote on your comments, I was merely pointing out some observations about course launches. As I mentioned in my post, I'm not surprised by the delays. The initial rollout was targeted for November of 2015. It appears we will get it before November 2018 :)


Then I must apologize for my assumption that you downvoted my comment. Sorry


thank you so much for a little insight its nice to know that we are so close!

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