"Není se čeho bát."

Translation:There is nothing to fear.

July 13, 2018

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Why it's impossible to write: there's nothing to be afraid


Because you are missing the preposition. You are afraid OF something.

Or afraid FOR, but that has a different meaning.


I wrote it is nothing to be afraid of. That has exactly the same meaning in English.


No, it is not.

  • There is nothing to fear. -- there are NO things to fear, zero.
  • It is nothing to be afraid of -- that ONE thing is harmless, there may still be other things to fear.


I thought není meant: it is not. And that čeho is the genitive sing of thing. Therefore: It is not a thing to fear. So a single ‘thing’. Why is it translated as ‘there is’? Thank you for your explanation.


This is really quite a special phrassing in Czech that does not directly exist in English.

In general:
There is something - Něco je / Je něco
There isn't anything - Nic není / Není nic

Není čeho se bát ... There is nothing to fear
Není co jíst ... There is nothing to eat
Není komu volat ... There is no one to call
... ...

You will see other similar sentences in the course. Do not try to translate each word.


Thank you for your explanation. I will paste this in my brain!

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