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"Do you want the shirt in size seventeen?"

Translation:¿Quieres la camisa en talla diecisiete?

1 month ago



what is the difference between "talla" and "tamaño?"

1 month ago

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I think tamaño refers to a 'generic' size. Ie, what size are you? Whereas talla specifically refers to a size label. Ie, that shirt is size 12.

1 month ago


I put a la in front of talla, marked wrong. Can not use an article with talla_ I thought in Spanish, an article is always used in front of a noun.

1 month ago


I wrote "¿Quiere usted la camisa en talla diecisiete?". I was marked wrong and corrected to "¿Quere usted la camisa en talla diecisiete?"

1 week ago