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How to use DuoBot

Can someone please tell me how to use DuoBot on the computer? I am trying, but I can't find out.

April 29, 2014



Duobot am robot. He can has translate. No use him. He sit and watch you translate.


Well, you can use his translation than edit it. He seems to be somewhat accurate...


Are you talking about the Duels? The are only available on iPod/iPhone/iPad.


Oh... thanks for telling me


If you have an iOS device... DuoBot can be used after getting duolingo for dueling with others without game center or if you are bored of playing your friends. DuoBot, unlike NinjaBimic said, can translate but does not copy your answers. If you are using a computer to access immersion... DuoBot will help you translate sentences so you can assist others in immersion. This can help people around the world see a webpage in their native language.

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