"Kdy se začneme učit?"

Translation:When are we going to start studying?

July 13, 2018

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Can this also mean, "When are we going to start learning?" as if to say, "When will we stop making the same mistakes?"


Learning is accepted.


The order of the questions in each section is no longer as helpful pedagogically as it used to be. The hardest stage for a learner is to construct sentences in the new language - putting things from English into Czech (without words to choose from) was the final segment at earlier stages (or in previous updates?). Now we have to do the English into Czech in the middle, and the final section is translating from Czech into English which is much easier to do. So we are missing out the learning/observation we could be doing when translating Czech to English, leaving us less prepared for the English to Czech stage when it comes. It's very annoying.


No-one who can influence that in any way is going to read it here. Try the main forum https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/1


Thanks, will do.

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