"Kolikrát jste byla v Rakousku?"

Translation:How many times have you been to Austria?

July 13, 2018

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Why been "to Austria"?


It's a strange English idiom using "have been to..." and "had been to...", to mean you were in/at somewhere. I have been to; the cinema, the store, the station, Austria and other countries is accepted idiom for being "in" some place. However, it only works with "have been" or "had been". You can't say "I am to Austria", or "I was to the cinema".


"how often have you been to austria." is not accepted? would like to know why. Thx


I'm not sure what you're asking, exactly, but -- for what it's worth -- Google translates "(been) TO Austria"and "(been) IN Austria" as "v Rakousku." As I've seen, some locations take "v" and others take "na," and we just have to learn which is which.

If this isn't the answer you were looking for, please ask a more specific question...


I translate this as "How many times were you in Austria"


"How many times were you in Austria?" is also accepted.

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