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  5. "Potom ho nenávidí."

"Potom ho nenávidí."

Translation:Then she hates him.

July 13, 2018


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then he/she/it hates him are all correct?


yes, also they


Does "potom", translated here as "then", have a sense of therefore/consequently, or is it only time-based/subsequently? My Slovnik seems to translate it as a "then" meaning {after in time}, rather than {because of} or {as a result} - but in this sentence "Then she hates him", it's hard not to hear it as the latter - "and so she hates him". "Then" in English can have the possibility of a "so" sort of meaning. I guess I'm just trying to find out whether "potom" does the same in Czech, or if it's just about time "then". Is any of that making sense? Any extra information gratefully received.


I believe it's most like "afterwards" -- literally po tom or "after that." But one of the CZ natives on the team may have a better explanation.

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