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  5. "Der Student ist sehr aktiv."

"Der Student ist sehr aktiv."

Translation:The university student is very active.

April 30, 2014



Does "aktiv" necessarily imply physical activity, or can it be more general? In other words, does the sentence imply that the student does a lot of sports, or something, or could it mean that he is quite involved in university life - being on the student council, the model UN, etc?


Yea it can have a more general meaning like you've suggested.


What are the different words for different types of students? For example, primary school student, middle school student, high school student, kindergartner, and so on.


Why does "Der Student" translate to "the university student"?


Because that is what it means! :)

der Schüler – pupil
der Student – university student

See more over here!


But what about a student at a college of further education, a technical college for instance? Does German have a different word for that?


Does the sentence "Der Student ist aktiver." make sense here and does it mean the same as "Der Student ist sehr aktiv." ?


the -er ending on aktiv-er means the same as -er in English adjectives like smaller, smarter etc. It is the comparative form so it means activer (or, correct English: more active) It is not the same as sehr/very!


so "Der Student ist aktiver." is a legitimate sentence and means "the student is more active"?

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