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The "Health" feature is discouraging

I now have a "Health" feature that locks me out if I make too many mistakes. Since the primary way you learn on Duolingo is trial and error, I have been unable to keep up my streaks - very discouraging. Please explain how to shut this feature off. I used to love Duolingo!

July 14, 2018



You can click on the Health below in the app to get to a practice screen. Once you practice, you can play some more. You can also use the web version through your web browser on iPad, I use Safari to access the web version. Be careful, it will try to send you back to the app if you have it installed so just don't click on that owl. From this page you can go up and click on Home to get to this web version's lessons, I think, since Discussions are still only on the web version.


Are you using it on iphone? I've always used android or on pc, so I haven't encountered this 'health' feature before.

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