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  5. "为什么你今天很安静?"


Translation:Why are you so quiet today?

July 14, 2018



Sounds awkward to me, don't people usually say 为什么你今天那么安静? or 你今天为什么那么安静??


Both your and given translations are correct, but are used in different situations and at certain type of expressions.

那么 literally means "so". If you were to say 为什么你今天那么安静, your sentence would express close to the following

"Why are you so quiet?!"

where "so" increases the extent of "quiet". Likewise, since 怎么 can be used in why/how-come sentence, the sentence serves the same purpose.

Thus, 为什么你今天很安静? serves the best meaning at a neutral emphasis.


It does, I guess, but would sound rather stiff if used to me. Still, that's an interesting point you brought up, thanks.


如果你需要与他人说话,我在。 Serious question, is this a common thing in China? Are the people more altruistic, or are there at least more selfless people there?

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