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"He is not willing to cooperate."

Translation:jIjqangbe' ghaH.

July 14, 2018



"qang" means "willing to", but isn't jI the prefix for "I" - "I am not willing to". And in the Klingon dictionary, the word cooperate is given as "yeq" in Klingon, so wouldn't the correct answer be something like "yeqqangbe' ghaH"? I also saw a couple of other examples in the initial questions about cooperating that had the "jIqang" formulation.


jIj is the verb they are teaching here, it's probably down as "be cooperative". Try "yeq", it might be accepted as an alternate definition for this sentence.


Thank you. For some reason, the second "j" was invisible to me until now! :D


The old eyes get tired after a while, maybe. Just checked my notes and they tell me jIj is in one listing in the TKD and yeq in the other.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler defines jIj as "be cooperative" indicating that the two words can be used interchangeably in most situations, but only jIj can be used adjectivally. I've added yeq in as an accepted variation.


My eyes are rather old and tired, too. You are right. yeq is only in the English to Klingon section and jIj only in the Klingon to English section.


Just to confirm, the consensus here (according to TKD, at least) is that jij is a stative verb meaning "to be cooperative," whereas yeq is a full-on verb meaning "to cooperate," correct?

And if someone is to cooperate with someone else, how is that second entity treated in Klingon? Are they expressed as a direct object, e.g., tera'nganpu' yeq mara, or does there need to be some kind of prepositional suffix on tera'nganpu'?


Oops, that should of course be jIj, not jij. In the app, it's unfortunately easier to make a second post than it is to edit an existing one ...



And if someone is to cooperate with someone else, how is that second entity treated in Klingon?

In that case, the two are cooperating. They are both the subject of the verb.

yeq tera'nganpu' mara je "The Terrans and Mara are cooperating (i.e. with each other)".

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