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  5. "Ten strom nese dobrá jablka."

"Ten strom nese dobrá jablka."

Translation:The tree yields good apples.

July 14, 2018



Není tady to slovo nese špatný překlad? (Ve větě Ten strom nese dobrá jablka.)


I think that it is absolutely correct.


I usually say that a tree has good apples. Would that be ten strom ma dobra jablka?

and it does not accept the tree bears good apples!


In response to your second point, "The tree bears good apples" is accepted; it has been for at least a year.


This is fascinating that the "concept" of "carrying" is taken to "bearing" or "yielding". Would you use the same verb in Czech to apply to a woman who has yielded good children? I suppose something along the lines of "Ta zena nese dobre deti?" Just wondering how this verb is applied.


No, you inly use nést (and snášet) with birds (to lay eggs).

I do not actually know what would be a good verb here, I fear we do not say anything like that. You can say "Žena rodí" but it almost sounds like if you are talking about her like about a field that is yielding some crop (pole rodí úrodu).

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